The climate is changing.

Why aren't we?

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing our world today. The damage we are doing is becoming more apparent  every day and will soon be too far gone to repair.

We need to stop ignoring it.

We need to learn to adapt.

The only way to beat climate change is with behaviour change.

Here at, we want to give you the tools to make that change easier.

We know how overwhelming the topic of climate change can be, and that making changes to your lifestyle can be difficult. But we also know how much of an impact these changes can make, and how desperately they’re needed to stop the destruction of our natural world.

We want to empower people with the knowledge that we can all make a difference, and inspire everyone to take action.

We will spread our message through street demonstrations, event talks, and more, and make sure that our voices are heard through petitions and letters to politicians.

One of the first and simplest changes we should all make is to switch to eco-friendly products made from natural ingredients.

That’s why we became independent distributors for an eco-friendly company called Wikaniko (we can eco).

Their ethos is that everybody should have access to eco-friendly products that not only work well but also help towards saving our planet. With products ranging from household cleaners to skincare products, healthy food and pet care, Wikaniko uses fewer chemicals than supermarket brands and keeps their prices affordable so that everyone can make greener choices.

Shopping with and Wikaniko is the perfect first step towards making a difference on our planet.

Want to make a bigger change?

Why not join Wikaniko as a distributor and avail of all the benefits while doing your part to fight climate change?

      • Get all products at wholesale price, making it easier and more affordable to make a difference,
      • Help others make better choices when buying their household products and show how these small steps can help enormously,
      • A quick and easy joining process with low setup costs,
      • You can run your business from home for minimal costs, giving you the flexibility to earn money while living your life, all whilst doing your part for your planet.

We’re also excited to get community groups and charities involved with our efforts.

If you’re part of a charity, student union, social club, church, or any group that you think would benefit from fundraising through Wikaniko, why not think about becoming a distributor for these eco-friendly products?

Maja, Gwen & John

We are a campaigning family business working to bring communities together to stand against climate change and the relentless destruction of the natural world.

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